Venue Locations



AOBUC2024 will be held in Shirahama and Tanabe, cities placed in the Southern part of Japan with the excellent beach sport environment. The event will take place at Shirarahama Beach and Tanabe Ogigahama Beach, which are 25min drive between.


AOBUC 2024の開催地である和歌山県白浜町・田辺市は、豊富なビーチスポーツ環境を誇ります。会場となる白良浜と田辺扇ヶ浜間は、車で25分ほどです。

Shirarahama Beach / 白良浜会場

864 Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama prefecture, Japan


  • No Smoking
    There will be trash cans available at the venue. Please be mindful of the beautiful beach :)
  • No pets allowed
  • No BBQ or camping allowed
  • No fireworks allowed




  • 禁煙

  • ゴミのポイ捨て禁止
  • ペット禁止
  • BBQ、キャンプ禁止
  • 23時以降 花火禁止


Google Map:

Tanabe Ogigahama Beach / 田辺扇ヶ浜会場

Ogigahama, Tanabe-city, Wakayama prefecture, Japan


  • Parking available
    There will be trash cans available at the venue. Please be mindful of the beautiful beach :)
  • No BBQ or camping allowed




  • ゴミのポイ捨て禁止

  • 駐車場あり

  • BBQ、キャンプ禁止


Google Map:                                                                                  

Access to the Venues

Osaka Kansai Airport (KIX) to Shirahama Sta. by train


    Kansai-Airport Sta.

            | 10min, Every 20min

            | JR Kansai-Airport Rapid Service

    Hineno Sta.

            | 1h 51min, Hourly

            | JR Express Kuroshio

    Shirahama Sta.


  • About ¥5,000
  • Reservation required for JR Express Kuroshio (See JR website)

Shirahama Sta. to Hotel by bus


1) Meiko Bus

    Shirahama Sta.

            | 15min, Every 10-30min

            | Route No. 12/30/101/102/105, Shirahama Tanabe Line, Bound for Sandanbeki


            | 2min walk

    Hotel SEAMORE


  • About ¥410-500 (CASH ONLY)
  • No reservation required
  • First bus: 7am, Last bus: 10pm


2) Shirahama Onsen free shuttle

    Shirahama Sta.

            | 23 or 52min (depends on the bus route), Hourly

            | Shirahama Onsen Shuttle Bus

    Hotel SEAMORE


Osaka Sta. to Hotel by bus


    JR Osaka Sta. Highway Bus Terminal

            | 3.5 hours, 9 times a day

            | Meiko Highway Bus, Shirahama-Osaka Line


            | 2min walk

    Hotel SEAMORE


  • ¥3,300
  • Reservation required (See Meiko Bus website)
  • First bus: 7:50am, Last bus: 7:35pm

 Tokyo International Airport (HND) to Hotel by plane and bus


    Tokyo International Airport

            | 1h 15min, 3 times a day

    | Japan Airline

    Nanki-Shirahama Airport

            | 10min, Every 1-2 hours

            | Meiko Bus (Route No. 1/11/101/102) *CASH ONLY

    Hotel SEAMORE


  • About ¥20,000
  • Reservation required for the flight (See Japan Airline's website)
  • Rent-a-car is also available from Nanki-Shirahama Airport


General Information

Time zone: JST (GMT +9:00)

Language: Japanese

Currency: Japanese Yen (JPY ¥)

Voltage: 100 volts, 50-60 Hz, Plug type: Type A and B

There are restaurants, shops, transportations, etc. where only cash is accepted. Please make sure you have some cash exchanged to JPY.


The climate of Shirahama and Tanabe in June normally has daytime temperatures around 25°C (77°F). At this time of year it is reasonably likely that there will be some rain. High temperatures are possible espacially when it is sunny. Players may also want to be aware that the beach can be quite windy.